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Stephan Kurr sitting at a bar in Mexico
Stephan Kurr in Mexico

Stephan Kurr is a former U.S. Army counterintelligence special agent whose vast field experience includes running human intelligence missions and close protection operations in the United States, Western Europe, the Balkans and Asia. Assignments to elite units such as the 82nd Airborne Division and subsequent operations with the 3rd, 7th and 10th Special Forces groups have made him an expert in the fields of operational security, anti- and counter-terrorism, interrogation, close protection and hostage survival. The author has firsthand experience in close protection operations with the Secret Service in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina and was the personnel security investigations chief in Pyongtaek South Korea. His peers have regarded him as a "first-rate intelligence agent – one of the best."

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The personal protection guide for women is intended to change the way women look at their personal security practices by providing them a more efficient, cost-effective way to assess their operating environment and detect the early signs of trouble, ... how to incorporate unobtrusive security measures into everyday life and become a proactive individual instead of a reactive victim.

— Stephan Kurr, author, president and OpSec CEO

Letter from Author

2017 Revised Updated Edition – An Introduction
Welcome to the revised 2017 edition of How to Bodyguard Yourself – A Personal Protection Guide for Women – Redux. Statistics indicate there is a one-in-three chance that a woman will be the victim of an attempted criminal assault or rape during her lifetime. Moreover, due to the fact that many rapes are never reported by the victim, statistics in this area are unreliable but undoubtedly high. Thousands of rape cases are reported each year, but it is speculated that thousands more go unreported.

A woman’s best defense against rape or criminal assault is to preempt the possibility and initiate a proactive form of avoidance. This redesigned guidebook is a compilation of techniques, tactics and procedures aimed at promoting your knowledge of personal security awareness, provide guidance toward being a less attractive potential victim and help you protect yourself.

Although this guidebook cannot guarantee exclusion from an attack, by studying and periodically reviewing these techniques, as well as making a conscious effort to practice good security habits, the possibility of your becoming a target will decrease. Incorporate the different protective measures as they apply to your particular environment, and remember, through constant situational awareness of your surroundings and a realistic assessment of the dangers of your surroundings, you can adequately protect yourself against the possibility of attack.

Congratulations on taking a proactive interest in your personal safety and initiating your first steps toward effective target denial.

— Stephan Kurr, OpSec Intelligence